A Truly Flexible HouseRoss Russell's house in Suffolk is both sustainable and sustaining. And it changes with the weather, or the seasons, or just with your mood! The walls and roof slide back to reveal an all-glass structure, parts of which can be completely open-air. The bathroom is like that, so that you can bathe under the stars or the sun, or under a roof if you are so inclined. Russell collaborated with architect Alex de Rijke to design a house in which to live life just the way he wanted to, and succeeded in a spectacular manner. Read more about the flexible house at This Modern House. -via Nag on the Lake​#architecture #house #slidinghouse #flexiblehouse
The Story of a House, a Family, and HistoryThis house in the Brighton neighborhood of Boston has quite a history, as related by Anne Magee Coughlin. It was home to four generations of her family, over a period of more than one hundred years. In that time, history was made, the city changed, and many family members were born and then died. The house itself is just a structure, but it endured as a connection between generations, a cupboard of memories, a place to feel safe, and a reflection of the people who called it home. You don't have to know the family to understand their ups and downs, and why this house, as personal as it is, is worthy of a tribute. Warning: you might need a hankie for parts of this story. #house #history #family #Boston
Go Ahead, Talk About Your HouseRedditor JSFord815 posted a picture of the cake he bought for his brother's birthday. The brother bought his first house this year, and won't shut up about it. I can relate. When you buy a house, especially your first house, there's an awful lot to talk about. The search for the right house is a real adventure, and once you've closed, the settling in, the repairs, the customizing and decorating, and all the things you learn about a building and its ownership are taking up a lot of room in your brain. It's okay, because the nesting instinct is a very natural thing, whether you are a bird or a human. You can't help yourself! But the comments say even more. The overwhelming majority of the top comments were on the brother's side. Everyone wants to hear about the house. They want to talk about their own houses, too, even if the purchase was years ago. Even if they don't own their first house yet, they want to talk about getting one. We are glad to hear that the two brothers are close, and the homeowner brother is fine with the cake. It's actually the second one he's gotten like this, and they both laughed at the joke. So go ahead and talk with your family and friends about your new house, and listen to their tales about their homes, too. It's a very human part of life, and something we should share. #house #firsthouse #homeownership #cake
Utah House Contaminated With Meth Gets Listed For $575,000When illegal methamphetamine is manufactured or used in houses where other people live, sleep, eat, and work, potentially hazardous levels of harmful chemicals are released. This can have long-lasting negative health implications. It also often requires homes to be professionally remediated. Ironically, due to the high demands in the real estate market, a meth-contaminated house that costs around $575,000 still appears to be very appealing, according to its listing agent. The house is located in an affluent neighborhood in the Canyon Rim Millcreek in Utah. The area is close to the Wasatch mountains. The three bedroom one bath house is on the smaller side, at 1,468 square feet. The location and the crazy real estate market have made the house very desirable, despite its toxicity.​Image credit: KUTV#Meth #Utah #House #RealEstate​
The American Craze for Octagonal HomesIn the mid-19th century, eight-sided homes began to pop up across America. These were the idea of Orson Squire Fowler, who was a proponent of phrenology and the author of quite a few books. One of them was A Home for All The Gravel Wall and Octagon Mode of Building, published in 1854. Fowler's ideas included home designs that had plenty of windows, and rooms radiating from a central staircase. A wrap-around porch completes the luxurious look. Many of them were quite beautiful. One of the best examples of an octagonal house is the Armor-Stiner house in Irvington, New York (shown above). The house built in 1859 is not only octagonal, it has a two-story dome! The Armor-Stiner house was so grand that it was rescued from ruin in the 1970s by the the National Trust for Historic Preservation, who then sold it to a preservationist architect, whose family still lives there. Read the history of America's octagonal houses and take a tour of the Armor-Stiner house at Messy Nessy Chic.#house #octagonalhouse #octagon #ArmorStinerhouse
London's "Invisible House" is Basically a Giant MirrorLondoners and tourists have been fascinated with the house called "London's House" which is actually a giant mirror in sought-after Richmond.Due to its design and structure, the house looks like it is something that people might have seen, without really seeing it. A curious Reddit user posted about the house and asked if it is a residential or commercial place.To answer this question, MyLondon went to see the place. The family who owns the home confirmed that it is residential. The home was redesigned by architect and artist Alex Haw. Haw thought that the concept would make the house talk with its environment.Image credit: Google StreetView and MyLondon#London #House #Architecture #InvisibleHouse #GiantMirrorHouse
The Rise and Fall of the Steel HouseIn 1947, the Lustron company developed a design for a prefabricated house made of steel. This was seen as a solution to the housing shortage caused by lack of wartime production followed by all those GIs coming home and getting married. The Lustron house not only had a steel frame, but also walls and a roof made of steel covered with porcelain enamel. It was durable, easy to clean, and wouldn't rot, meaning you wouldn't have to paint or repair it. For a few years, it was considered the future of housing. So what happened to this idea? From the perspective of 70 years later, we can see the houses are too small, but that wasn't a big consideration at the time. They would have been really hard to alter or add to, but that wasn't its downfall, either. Rather, it was the company's missteps that led to financial problems that sunk the Lustron steel house. Could a house like this make a comeback? Possibly, with a few tweaks. After all, we still have mobile and modular homes made of metal that can be customized and transported. -via Vox#house #steel #Lustronhouse 
Casa Figueira Casa Figueira, or House of Figueira, is a structural wonder created by the architectural firm of Stemmer Rodrigues. The house takes its name from the giant tree present at the site. Figueira is Portuguese for fig tree.This sleek and modern concrete and wood home beautifully embraces and honors the environment. The house was specifically constructed with the bottom floor positioned more toward one side to avoid damaging the massive root structure of the old growth tree. This causes a vast majority of the sleek second floor to seemingly float above the ground. A boulder like structure gently provides the necessary support and visual anchor underneath that floating second floor. The massive boulder is part of the house, but seems almost part of the natural landscape. Casa Figueira is a beautiful example of the marriage of modern style and nature. The house is situated on the plot in a way that maximizes canal views and honors an old tree. More than that, however, the careful design provides for energy efficiency. The specific design and placement of the building allows the harsher south wind to be repelled and the more mild north wind to be channeled inside the home. The house is a gorgeous reminder that modern style homes can still blend magnificently with their environment. #casa #fig #figueria #home #canal #house #modern 
Buyer's Remorse in the Current Housing MarketA survey by Zillow shows that 75% of people who bought homes during the pandemic have regrets. That sounds pretty scary in the current seller's market, where so many people are buying a limited inventory that prices have exploded. But look a little further into it, and you see that the statistic doesn't mean people wish they hadn't bought a house. Instead, they regret some aspects of the experience, or have some misgivings about the property. The top regret about buying a new home is that the property requires too much maintenance, cited by 32% of the respondents, or 40% in a similar survey by Clever. In second place in both surveys is the regret of buying a home that is too small. The numerical figures in the data shouldn't be taken as gospel, since the cost of home ownership and maintenance varies so much depending on what part of the country you are buying in. But confronting what others regret will help you to adjust your expectations in looking for a house to buy, or dealing with what you have bought. If you have an adequate amount of land, you can expand your home in the future. Or you can learn to appreciate downsizing and being closer to family members. Home maintenance is an opportunity to learn new skills and enjoy a feeling of accomplishment -or adventure. And onerous mortgage payments can be changed with refinancing in the future, when the market changes. Knowing what to expect when buying a home can help tremendously with your future satisfaction. Find tips for your house buying plans and expectations, gleaned from the experiences of others, at Grow.-via Digg ​#homeowner #homeownership #homebuying #house
The Simpsons’ House is Worth $450,000 on Today’s Real Estate MarketHow much would The Simpson’s house be worth in today’s market? A real estate company decided to investigate and even create a tongue-in-cheek listing.In the long-running TV series, Homer Simpson and his family reside at 742 Evergreen Terrace in Springfield. To determine the value of the house, the Garrett Real Estate Group compared the location, floor plan and nearby amenities with comparable listings. To do this, they first had to determine the location of the house.Matt Groening, the creator of The Simpsons, tried to keep the exact location of Springfield a secret. After a little digging, the company discovered that Springfield was actually named after a town near Portland, Oregon, the city that Groening grew up in.Then, the company determined the details of the Simpsons’ house: a two-story 4 bedroom, 2 and a half bathroom 2,200 square feet house with a basement, a bay window, a patio and even a custom treehouse. They confirmed the size and floor plan with a replica house built in 1997 by Kaufman and Broad homebuilders after a promotional contest organized by FOX and Pepsi.After comparing recently sold houses in Springfield, Oregon, with similar characteristics to the Simpsons’ home, the company came up with a home value of $449,900.Image: 20th Century Fox Animation#TheSimpsons #realestate #house
Unlivable, Hazardous San Francisco House with "Zero Bedroom" Sold for $2 MillionHow crazy is the real estate market in San Francisco, California? How about this:A hazardous and unlivable house that should've been condemned has just been sold for $1,970,000. The house was originally listed for $995,000, but it ended up fetching a lot more at the auction.The property was considered hazardous, because it could have easily fallen in on itself if there was an earthquake. Some of the house's foundations were physically removed, making it structurally unsound. Todd and Kim Wiley, who specialized in trust and probate sales, expected the home to be bought for  around $1.6 million. The property was even dubbed "the worst house on the best block" by the listing.The house should've been condemned, according to Todd Wiley. Anything that existed downstairs has been completely ripped out by the conservatee of the property. He also indicated that the individual who won the auction was a developer who would most certainly resell the home, whether it was to be flipped or entirely reconstructed.Photos by: Todd Wiley/Compass#SanFrancisco #House #realestate
Habitat for Humanity and Alquist 3D Built the First 3D-Printed House in the USAA woman and her teenage son moved into the first 3D-printed house in the USA. April Stringfield, the new owner of house and her teenage son got to spend the holidays on their new 1,200-square-foot, three-bedroom housein Virginia.In order to make this a reality, Habitat for Humanity Peninsula and Greater Williamsburg partnered with Alquist 3D for the project. “The history that we’re making today is that this is the first-ever owner-occupied 3D printed home in the world," said Zachary Mannheimer, founder and CEO of Alquist 3D to WTKR.The 3D printing technology allowed the house to be built in just 12 hours, instead of the four weeks of construction of a typical home.According to Janet V. Green, CEO of Habitat for Humanity Peninsula and Greater Williamsburg, the use of concrete instead of lumber to 3D print the walls saved an estimated 15% per square foot in building cost. Moreover, the house also comes with a personal 3D printer so the new homeowner can print anything she'd need, "everything from electrical outlet to trim to cabinet knobs," said Green to CNN.Images: Habitat for Humanity and Alquist3D#3DPrinting #HabitatForHumanity #Alquist3D #concrete #house
450 Years of American House StylesDo you know the difference between a Cape Cod, a Queen Anne, and a ranch house? Could you tell a Georgian colonial house from a Federalist design? They are all examples of American architecture, which was a thing long before the United States was a country. Take a look at all these styles.
The Former Hollywood Hills Property of Ye West, Formerly Known as Kanye West, is for Sale for $3,699,000The previous home of American rapper Kanye West is back on the market!According to PEOPLE, the Hollywood Hills home is characterized as a "contemporary compound" with a "tulum-modern" look and is on the market for $3.699 million. The home, which is listed with Compass's Myles Lewis, has ocean and city views from every room and is conveniently located near West Hollywood and the Sunset Strip.The house is a multi-level mansion with three bedrooms and four bathrooms with a total living area of 4,200 square feet. A primary suite and master bath are located on the second story, with a soaker tub next to a picture window to enjoy the outdoor views and a chandelier hanging above. Another bedroom with a veranda is located on the second level. While the bottom level features a large family room, a cinema room, and a third bedroom with a deck, its kitchen is more of a bar top-like counter with an oven and burner.Overall, the property is a gated and private property that allows you to watch and enjoy the expansive outdoor space while giving you the impression of living in a luxurious resort.Images by: Jack Spitser#Hollywood #Hills #Kanye #House #Contemporary
Bosnian Man Builds His Wife a Rotating HouseHis wife complained that she looked out on the same view every day, so 72-year-old Vojin Kusic went to work. He built her a house she might like better: one mounted on a seven-meter axis that rotates!"I've got tired of her complaints and frequent refurbishing of our family house and I said: I'll build you a rotating house so you can spin it as you wish," he told Reuters. It took six years for Kusic to complete the house, using a mechanism he designed himself, made of recycled vehicle parts.
A Storybook Manor Set Along a Serene RiverMirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest house of them all? Straight out of a dream, this storybook mansion in Wilsonville, Oregon, sits gently on the edge of the Willamette River. The house, with sloping roof and beautiful brickwork, is truly fit for a princess. Plus, with a little over 13,000 square feet of living space and seven bathrooms, there is plenty of room for that princess to always welcome her favorite seven dwarves for an extended and comfortable stay.