Modern Bungalow Minimalist Home Comes With Glass Conservatory That Juts Out Of The House Walls

Skylights are wonderful architectural features, but Ukrainian architect and interior designer Alex Svyryd really takes it to the next level.

Svyryd has designed Chalet-2, a modern, bungalow-style house that combines a Scandinavian-inspired clean and minimalist design with a huge glass conservatory in the middle of the house. The unusual conservatory juts out of the wall, stretches from floor to ceiling and then continues on above the roofline as if it were a crystal jutting out of a rock.

Clad in black, the exterior of the house seems to hint at secrecy and privacy of the interior space within. At the same time, the glass conservatory bisects the solid walls of the house on one side, thus providing a clear view inside (and the occupants, a clear view of the outside as well as a great source of natural light).

Images: Alex Svyryd

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