Plastic Jug Repurposed Into Art

Filling your home with wonderful pieces of homemade art doesn't have to cost a fortune. Artist Claudinei Hidalgo, of Sao Paulo, Brazil, creates incredible  pieces by repurposing plastic jugs. Think laundry detergent containers recycled into peaceful elephants and interestingly adorned people. 

Hidalgo prepares each container by first sanding it. Next, he draws a pattern and cuts out the shape. He creatively utilizes the form of the container to achieve dimension. Here for instance, the handle of the jug becomes the trunk of the elephant. After priming the plastic he painstakingly paints the details. The result is a magical piece of one of kind art.  

For those interested in his process he does have a tutorial. In the video you are able to see the full process of transforming an ordinary piece of trash into  the incredible elephant pictured. 

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