ChopValue Upcycles Used Chopsticks Into Housewares and FurnitureNow, this is a creative way to recycle used chopsticks from food establishments!Canadian-based company Chop Value creates new utensils, housewares, and furniture from used chopsticks that were discarded all around Vancouver. The company utilizes its drivers to pick up the materials from over 300 restaurants around the city a couple of times a week.  From there, the company recycles the chopsticks and turns them into different housewares and furniture.One of the products they’ve created from the disposable utensils is The Zero Waste Kit, a package of items containing different items for eating and other miscellaneous items. The kit includes a cheese board, coasters, keychains, toothbrushes, chopsticks, steel straws, and more. Retailed at $68.00, the kit celebrates and encourages people to live a zero-waste journey.Image credit: Chop Value#zerowaste #upcycle #recycle #chopsticks #Canada #Vancouver #ChopValue #zerowastekit
French Designer Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance Makes Use Of Discarded Burnt Cork To Make Beautiful FurnitureIt’s amazing when we manage to turn waste material into something beautiful. This is what happened when French designer Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance found a way to make discarded burnt cork useful by using it for his Burnt Cork furniture collection. Here, the blocks of cork he used featured combinations of the waste material with fine grain cork in a way that showed a gradient of textures."I wanted the user to have a direct connection with the cork as it is on the tree," said Duchaufour-Lawrance. "And thus the gradient from rawness to refinement. Connecting directly with the history and process of the material itself."This innovative idea of using burnt cork all started when Duchaufour-Lawrance moved to Portugal in summer 2017. He was on his 3-day drive to the country when he came across forest fires and burning trees. He took photos of the landscape and kept the memory in his heart. Then later, Duchaufour-Lawrence and Portugal-based studio Made in Situ brainstormed with cork production facility NF Cork about new ways of using the waste material. One thing led to another, and the Burnt Cork furniture collection finally came to existence.Images: Made in Situ#cork #treebark #forestfires #recycle #furniture #Portugal #NoeDuchaufourLawrance #MadeInSitu
Plastic Jug Repurposed Into ArtFilling your home with wonderful pieces of homemade art doesn't have to cost a fortune. Artist Claudinei Hidalgo, of Sao Paulo, Brazil, creates incredible pieces by repurposing plastic jugs. Think laundry detergent containers recycled into peaceful elephants and interestingly adorned people.