Secondhand IKEA Furniture Can Bring in Big Bucks

Who knew that old IKEA furniture could be valuable? But let's be real. If you are in the process of replacing your starter furniture with something more substantial, you can go ahead and give it away to a new college student or someone who just got their first apartment. 

However, if you've hung on to your IKEA furniture for decades, or you've inherited some, you might just have a treasure hanging around. There are some pieces that are now quite rare and can fetch a hefty sum at auction. 

For example, an Impala easy chair, like the one on the left, recently sold for £6,210. The value of these IKEA pieces will depend on several things, like their age, rarity, condition, and who designed it. Check out some the more desirable items at The Guardian

And if you once owned these furniture items and gave them away long ago, don't cry too much because they would have probably worn out by now. At least you can tell yourself so.  -via Nag on the Lake

(Image credit: IKEA/The Guardian)

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Åke Scandinavian Modern Clam Chair - vintage IKEA furniture: £2,459

Image: 1stdibs

Bore Leather Lounge Chair with Footstool - secondhand IKEA chair: £3,269

Image: Vinterior

Grace-61 Armchair (c. 1960) - secondhand IKEA chair: £1,483

Image: vntg

Ladoga Sideboard (c. 1967) - vintage IKEA buffet table: £2,118

Image: Pamono

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