Sharing is Caring With a Neighborhood Free Plant Stand

Apparently there is a new trend in the neighborhood. Move over the little library. It is time to make room for the free little neighborhood plant stand.

The concept is simple. Build a little wooden structure. This one is made from fence posts, but you could easily construct one from old wood or even a leftover pallet. Be sure to add a cute little sign that lets neighbors know that they are encouraged to take a plant and share a plant. Finally, stock the stand with plants, fruits, seeds and veggies to be shared with the community.  For those who really want to go to the extra mile, advertise the little neighborhood plant stand to the neighbors via social media. 

The free little neighborhood plant stand is a wonderful way to share the love of gardening with others. It is also a fantastic way to get rid of some that extra zucchini and yellow squash that may have taken over the garden. Anyone who grows summer zucchini will understand that statement. Those who don't grow summer squash are encouraged to do so and share their bounty with others. Sharing is caring. 

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