STARKVIND: IKEA's New Air Purifier Doubles as a Side Table

IKEA has just released a new smart air purifier called STARKVIND that doubles as a side table.

The STARKVIND is an indoor air purifier with a 3-filter system. The pre-filter catches large particles such as hair and dust. The particle removal filter aims to remove 99.5% of dust, pollen and airborne PM2.5 particles (or fine inhalable particles with diameter of 2.5 micrometers or smaller - about 100 times smaller than the width of the human hair). Lastly, the gas filter absorbs various gaseous pollutants like formaldehyde and other VOCs (volatile organic compounds). It will also reduce unpleasant odors such as those from cooking and smoking.

IKEA's new air purifier has 5 different fan speeds and can be used in rooms up to 20 square meter (215 square feet). 

While the technical aspect of the air purifier is quite adequate, IKEA improved the practical usability of the air filter up one notch by integrating it into a side table.

This means that we no longer have to figure out where to put the air purifier, or shuffle between putting it out for use and then storing it in the closet when it's no longer needed. 

The IKEA STARKVIND air purifier is scheduled to be available in IKEA stores starting October 2021.

Image: IKEAā€‹

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