Susana Orrego, a Harvard Medical Student Studying Abroad in the United States from Columbia, Placed a Note on Nextdoor Asking to be Invited to a Real Thanksgiving Dinner

Susana Orrego and her husband recently moved to Boston from Colombia and wanted to experience her first-ever Thanksgiving. According to Orrego, since there were no classes during the week of the holiday, she decided to make a post on Nextdoor asking if anyone wants to share Thanksgiving with two strangers. 

Surprisingly, after uploading the post on the neighborhood website, a lot of comments and invites were sent to them. In the end, the couple accepted an invitation from Carol Lesser, a nurse practitioner who lives in the same part of town as the couple. Lesser invited the couple for a personal reason. “When I was a young person, I traveled around the world and strangers took me into their home,” she explained. “I remember one year being in Mexico and a family took me in and showed me a Mexican Christmas, so it just seemed like something I’d be interested in. But I never imagined she’d choose us. I felt like I won the lottery.”

Image screenshots via 7 News Boston 

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