A 20-Year Love Story That Started with an Uninvited Thanksgiving GuestWe can't help but fall in love with a charming couple who recently celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary.Dina Honour was hosting a Thanksgiving meal for her friends in New York in November 1997 when one of her guests invited a friend to join them. Dina's celebration was crashed by Richard Stegall, who is now her husband. Although Dina was frustrated at first, she couldn’t help but be smitten with Richard, and Richard was also smitten with her. The two struck up an instantly engrossing discussion about Hamlet over a slice of pumpkin pie with whipped cream.Their relationship grew from there. Because Honour had recently broken up with her boyfriend and Stegall had stopped seeing someone in London, the two began their relationship with a month of daily long-distance phone calls and the occasional letter delivered across the Atlantic. Thanksgiving has become an important event for the couple now that they have been married for 20 years, and they continue to celebrate it even though they no longer live in the United States.Photo by: Dina Honour#Thanksgiving #NewYork #London #Love #Pumpkin #Pie
The CDC Asks You Kindly to Stop Washing Your TurkeyThanksgiving came by once again, and with the occasion also came CDC's constant reminder to the people about washing their turkeys. Don't. They state that while old family cooking traditions still keep this practice going, the CDC remarks that washing the turkey can make the family sick, as the poultry juices can contaminate the whole kitchen (food and utensils included).The CDC also provides some tips on how to handle the turkey properly (see them over at ABC 6 or via this poster here). To keep it simple, it's this: wash everything the raw turkey touched (your hands included), and make sure the turkey (and the stuffing) is cooked at least at 165°F.Make sure to remember these tips for the next Thanksgiving or when you cook another turkey.(Image Credit: Pixabay)#Thanksgiving #Cooking #Turkey #CDC #HealthAdvisory #Food
Susana Orrego, a Harvard Medical Student Studying Abroad in the United States from Columbia, Placed a Note on Nextdoor Asking to be Invited to a Real Thanksgiving DinnerSusana Orrego and her husband recently moved to Boston from Colombia and wanted to experience her first-ever Thanksgiving. According to Orrego, since there were no classes during the week of the holiday, she decided to make a post on Nextdoor asking if anyone wants to share Thanksgiving with two strangers.Surprisingly, after uploading the post on the neighborhood website, a lot of comments and invites were sent to them. In the end, the couple accepted an invitation from Carol Lesser, a nurse practitioner who lives in the same part of town as the couple. Lesser invited the couple for a personal reason. “When I was a young person, I traveled around the world and strangers took me into their home,” she explained. “I remember one year being in Mexico and a family took me in and showed me a Mexican Christmas, so it just seemed like something I’d be interested in. But I never imagined she’d choose us. I felt like I won the lottery.”Image screenshots via 7 News Boston #Thanksgiving #Wholesome #Kindness #Holidays #Culture 
Cheekwood Estate and Garden in Nashville, Tennessee Plans a Holiday Display that Includes More than One Million LightsA beautiful 55-acre botanical garden in Nashville, Tennessee will soon replace their carved pumpkins for more than one million holiday lights. The holiday features of Holiday Lights Cheekwood Estate & Garden include a village of real reindeer, a canopy tree draped in lights, and dozens of nutcrackers decorating a historic mansion. The holiday festival will run from November 20, 2021, through January 9, 2022.