The Big Cheese: A Playful Sofa by Song Xue That Looks Like a Giant Piece of Swiss Cheese

How do you keep energetic children entertained and get them to sit for a moment at the same time? Perhaps all you have to do is give them a piece of cheese - a REALLY big piece of Swiss cheese.

Here’s the “Big Cheese” sofa by Song Xue, a Norway-based industrial designer. It’s made from a big chunk of elastic foam and is sculpted using electric heating wires. Like the real thing, the playful cheese sofa has many differently-sized holes. There’s a big main hole for the child to sit in, as well as other holes that they can use to place their toys and play with.

The sofa was featured by the Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) Museum in Beijing, China in 2016.

Images: Song Xue

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