Utah House Contaminated With Meth Gets Listed For $575,000

When illegal methamphetamine is manufactured or used in houses where other people live, sleep, eat, and work, potentially hazardous levels of harmful chemicals are released. This can have long-lasting negative health implications.  It also often requires homes to be professionally remediated. 

Ironically, due to the high demands in the real estate market, a meth-contaminated house that costs around $575,000 still appears to be very appealing, according to its listing agent. 

The house is located in an affluent neighborhood in the Canyon Rim Millcreek in Utah. The area is close to the Wasatch mountains. The three bedroom one bath house is on the smaller side, at 1,468 square feet. The location and the crazy real estate market have made the house very desirable, despite its toxicity.

​Image credit: KUTV

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