What to Do Now for a Better Garden Next Spring

Around the first of January, companies begin sending seed catalogs out to gardeners so they can plan their summer gardening. It may be hard to believe, but January is less than two weeks away! If you normally start thinking about the garden in March or April, you will soon become overwhelmed with the amount of work to do. But even in December, there are things you can do to make that work easier.

One of those things is to make a schedule for the coming year. This big chores (and the little ones) won't seem so onerous if you spread them out over the calendar. Yes, there are things you can do in January and February to improve your garden and get all the chores done with less pain. In fact, there are still things you can do in December to make next year's garden chores run smoother and grow a more bounteous garden, whether it's full of vegetables, flowers, or just a nicely landscaped yard. Also, spreading the chores of gardening out over the year is another way of spreading the joy of gardening over a year. Read what you can do now to get a jump on your 2022 garden at Lifehacker. 


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