When Two Plants Become One: Creating Garden Architectural Pieces With Natural Elements

Adding archways to spaces is an elegant way to define an opening.  They draw a person in, but do so in a way that does not feel confining. Their curved structure can, therefore, instantly elevate an ordinary space into an extraordinary one.

Famed designer Richard Shapiro is known for his interior and exterior work. Here, in his own garden, he demonstrates how adding unexpected archways can magnify the beauty of an outdoor space. He has simply trained two elegant shrubs into a sort of topiary archway. Visually the two plants now appear as one. The result is the creation of living architectural piece.  

The sizeable opening between the glittering green leaves of this archway gives the illusion of a magical doorway. Though there are no true solid walls, the area beyond feels secluded and private. One feels drawn to the fantasy that just beyond is a separate wondrous space. 

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