Finally! Official Pokemon Furniture Line for Grown Ups has Launched with Pikachu-Inspired Sofa and Poke Ball Table

The Pokemon Company has teamed up with Japanese furniture and interior furnishings company Karimoku to produce a line of furniture that looks sleek and minimalistic at times. These new pieces of furniture are inspired by the cute pocket monsters we all love and are familiar with, but not to the point that it either looks childish or too in your face.

At first glance, the items in the collection look like abstract patterns, fooling people into thinking they are not inspired by the popular franchise. On a closer inspection, one can spot the Pokemon designs on the curtains, sheet, and floor mat.

The collection features a Pikachu sofa, a two-seater sofa model with bright colors, and a Pikachu pattern. In addition to that, there is also a one-person easy chair, a Poke Ball side table, and a gigantic Snorlax rug that looks elegant enough to be placed in your main living room.

The collection can be purchased through the Pokemon Center Online store starting October 14. Don’t worry, these can be placed within your very adult home without anyone complaining about its ‘childishness’ or campiness (then again it’s your home, so who cares if you want an over-the-top Pikachu sofa? You do you!).

Image credit: via JapanToday

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