Tu Hwnt i'r Bont Tearoom in North Wales is Housed in a Charming Cottage Covered in Leaves

The Tu Hwnt i'r Bront Tearoom in the county of Conwy, North Wales was constructed in 1480. The structure sits near the bank of a river and is actually older than the little bridge that leads to the property.  Originally, this lovely little tearoom was intended to be a residential home. Over time, however, the structure has served numerous purposes. At one point the dwelling even functioned as a small local court house.

Today the beautiful little building serves up comfort, food, and plenty of  architectural inspiration. The gorgeous building is said to be covered in a plant known as Virginia Creeper. This type of vining ivy climbs with the use of tendrils that fasten the plant to things around them. The vine even has the unusual ability to almost cement itself to walls without support. 

The shear abundance of the gorgeous Virginia Creeper on the Tu Hwnt i'r Bront Tearoom gives the magical impression that the building itself is alive. In fact, the house changes color depending on the seasons. In the summer the hairy structure is awash in vibrant greens. In the fall, however, those greens change  to bold and brash reds.       

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Image: Tu Hwnt i'r Bont Tearoom

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