CAT-CAT, the DIY Star Wars Cat TowerIt may look like an AT-AT walker from the Star Wars universe, but this is a cat tower, a scratching post, a cubbyhole, a piece of furniture, and art. Whitney Fabre calls it a CAT-CAT. She made it out of plywood, fabric, scrap wood, and glue. Two legs are wrapped with rope, making them a fine scratching surface, and also realistic to the movie The Empire Strikes Back because of the Rebel move of disabling the Empire's war machine by tangling its legs in rope, as illustrated by the attached snowspeeder. The body of the CAT-CAT features a door that drops down to form a platform and a padded cat bed inside. What else could a cat ask for?
Heater Bloc: Tent-Safe DIY Heater for the Homeless that Cost Only $7 to BuildIn the midst of the global pandemic, a group of anarchists from Portland has MacGyvered a DIY heater that costs $7 to make.
Two Designers Transforms The Billy IKEA Bookcase into Two Very Different Pieces of FurnitureAll it needs is just a little bit of DIY, right?The IKEA Billy bookcase is a popular choice for storage for its minimalistic look and feel. I mean, the item, which is priced at $49.99,  hosts 6 wide shelves for storage which is amazing. In addition, its streamlined aesthetic can adapt to any type of decor scheme cooking in your home. On the other hand, its simple look and feel leave it open for DIY upgrades to spice it up a little bit. Architectural Digest invited DIY YouTuber Drew Scott and furniture designer Leonard Bessemer to transform the Billy bookcase into something different. Each had their own take on upgrading the bookcase. Scott focused on attaching wooden details to the shelf itself while Bessemer cut some parts of the bookcase to give it a new look. Check the photos of their work below! Image credit: IKEA, Drew Scott, Chase Lewis via Architectural Digest #DIY #decor #home #IKEA #architecturaldigest #furniture #bookcase
Fake Window Provides Live Views From Around the WorldYou know what they say about world travel- by the time you can afford it, you're too tired to do it. Pandemic restrictions are also putting a damper on traveling these days. But there's a workaround. Alex Shakespeare built what he calls the Window to the World. It's an LED screen in the shape of a window that displays livestream views of places you'd like to see! People have done that before, but this one comes with a control panel, a map that allows you to select what window you want to look out of in the world. Just move a cute little magnetic airplane to the location you want to see.
Orlando Bloom's Honey-Do-List Includes Daisy Wall Decals and Building Play EquipmentFather and actor Orlando Bloom is actually very handy at home!The actor wows followers with his post on Instagram, showing a small snippet of his progress in decorating his daughter Daisy Dove Bloom’s room. He can be seen placing daisies on the walls and building colorful play equipment for the room. Only the prettiest things for little Daisy!#OrlandoBloom #DIY #WallDecals #PlayEquipment #HomeDecor image credit: Orlando Bloom
45 Ways to Transform Your Living Space in 30 Minutes or (Much, Much) LessGiving your home a new look is always nice, but even thinking about it can be overwhelming. So much work! So much time! So much money! But it doesn't have to be that way. If you have a vision for what you want the finished product to look like, you can break the changes down into tiny steps. Or if you don't have an overarching vision, you can do tiny upgrades one at a time and see where they lead you. Apartment Therapy has a list of 45 short projects that will instantly upgrade your home and freshen its look. They are arranged by time necessary, so you can decide what to do in the time you have, from five minutes to 30 minutes. However, the time it takes to purchase decor items is not included. Still, that's the fun part! Check out the list here.#decor #upgrade #DIY
Make This Crescent Moon Wreath For Less Than $10!Late summer/early fall is the perfect time to freshen up your doorway and say "welcome" with a new wreath. Jen Yates put this crescent moon wreath together using hot glue, things you already have around the house, and supplies found at Dollar Tree. But no one will know how simple and inexpensive it is, because its homemade and no one else will have one like it. See the process step-by-step at Epbot. Jen made all the mistakes so that you won't have to, and reading about them is worth the price of admission. #wreath #craft #DIY
Make a Halloween Pumpkin for Your Cat to Hide InIt's never too early to make Halloween decorations! Especially if you're making a sturdy, soft bed for your cat that just happens to look like a Jack-o-lantern. Jay and Jaimie, also known as the Wicked Makers, got a new Sphinx cat named Oberon. Then they designed and built a bed for him, nicely enclosed for coziness, with an exterior that doubles as a scratching post. Since cats are somewhat destructive, they don't expect the bed to last forever, so it may as well do double duty as a Halloween decoration. If you want to try this yourself, Jay and Jaimie shared the entire project at Instructables. You can also watch the story unfold, with Oberon helping, in this video.