Two Designers Transforms The Billy IKEA Bookcase into Two Very Different Pieces of Furniture

All it needs is just a little bit of DIY, right? 

The IKEA Billy bookcase is a popular choice for storage for its minimalistic look and feel. I mean, the item, which is priced at $49.99,  hosts 6 wide shelves for storage which is amazing. In addition, its streamlined aesthetic can adapt to any type of decor scheme cooking in your home. On the other hand, its simple look and feel leave it open for DIY upgrades to spice it up a little bit. 

Architectural Digest invited DIY YouTuber Drew Scott and furniture designer Leonard Bessemer to transform the Billy bookcase into something different. Each had their own take on upgrading the bookcase. Scott focused on attaching wooden details to the shelf itself while Bessemer cut some parts of the bookcase to give it a new look. Check the photos of their work below! 

Image credit: IKEA, Drew Scott, Chase Lewis via Architectural Digest 

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