Writer's Homes You Can Visit for Inspiration

One's surroundings can open the mind for creativity. A writer's home doesn't have to be sumptuous, but to produce classic literature, a writer must be comfortable enough to contemplate and craft stories. Of course, some writers start out poor and with success work their way up to owning a grand mansion, while others are born into wealth, education, and time of one's own. An author who achieves worldwide notoriety may eventually have a museum in their honor, often at the home they lived in. The grand house above was where Vladimir Nabokov lived in Siverskaya, Russia. Below, you'll see the famous boathouse Dylan Thomas occupied in Laugharne, Wales. While not quite as grand, it was inspirational. He wrote poetry in the garage he turned into a studio.

That most American of authors, Mark Twain, lived in many homes, but he wrote both Tom Sawyer and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn in this Victorian home in Hartford, Connecticut. He and his wife designed it themselves.

Find out how to visit 13 homes of famous writers, and get a glimpse inside them at The Spaces. You may want to plan your next road trip around them. -via Everlasting Blort ā€‹

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